Apr 23, 2014

Winter Confessions

Finally, the trench coat weather is here in Toronto (kinda, because it's very fickle), and I can rock my trench coats and actually enjoy it. I know, I did it before from time to time during the winter and I swear every single time after an outfit shoot I was convinced that this time I'm going to end up with Pneumonia. Luckily I didn't, hopefully because my health got stronger after rapid exposure to harsh cold, but most likely because of those long and hot showers I took after every dose of hypothermia combined with hot tea with lemon and honey. Honestly, I never believed that honey can make any significant difference, but it really turned out like a real miracle cure for me.

Today I took out for a play my trusty red trench, which because of it's bright, monochromatic appearance always feels like it should be worn with some sort of print. No exception this time, I wanted to wear those pants all winter and even made a couple of attempts to shoot a post wearing them, but every time either it was too cold or either we couldn't find a decent location, finally we have a match!

trench coat - Tommy Hilfiger
pants - GAP
Shoes - ZARA


  1. מקסימה כמו תמיד !! משקפי השמש של רייבן מהממות !!

  2. I love red on you! Looks very Spring-like :)

  3. I LOVVVE that red trench! IT's amazzzzing paired with your black and white printed pants! And the primary colour mix with your blue clutch rocks!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


  4. אדום נראה עלייך יפיפה.
    המעיל הזה משגע, נראה ספורטיבי וקלאסי בו זמנית.

  5. That red parka is completely the right complement to this outfit.




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