Nov 28, 2013


Currently I'm struggling with a cold weather, freezing wind and short gloomy days which make me sooooo sleepy I didn't even hear a wake up alarm today first time in my entire life and it rang 3 times this morning!!! I guess I should renew my coffee addiction in order to stay awake and function because it's so easy to catch a nap when it's all grey and chilly outside and all warm and cozy indoors. By the way, maybe some of you remember at my previous post I felt like buying a new items for my wardrobe, well I did: UGG boots and knee long super-duper warm coat and the next item on my wish list is thermal clothes top AND bottom, not so fashionable. 

So, you guys, can understand all these make shooting outfits outside almost impossible for me. I have to admit the idea of taking off my coat for a few minutes crossed my mind a couple of times, but then the idea of pneumonia made the first idea less attractive, mostly because my nose went numb that exact moment. Also I really wanted to wear my new dress a la nightgown from Zara which is not only inappropriate because of cold but just inappropriate to wear outside (period). Now I'm looking for some nice pencil skirt to wear on top of this "dress"  to make it look less bed wear. So because of all these reasons it's only indoor photos for this post. This time I wanted to create a blue mood and nostalgic anticipation atmosphere with a bit of romantic touch. Mood where someone is waiting for her lover to come home/hotel, almost as I am :]



  2. Nice sweater!

  3. Lovin' your make up! And your lace ROCKS!!! So sexxxy! So gorgeous!
    xoBeckerman Girls

  4. את נראית נפלא!!
    הכחול ממש מחמיא לך :)
    -רויטל רובין



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