Apr 23, 2014

Winter Confessions

Finally, the trench coat weather is here in Toronto (kinda, because it's very fickle), and I can rock my trench coats and actually enjoy it. I know, I did it before from time to time during the winter and I swear every single time after an outfit shoot I was convinced that this time I'm going to end up with Pneumonia. Luckily I didn't, hopefully because my health got stronger after rapid exposure to harsh cold, but most likely because of those long and hot showers I took after every dose of hypothermia combined with hot tea with lemon and honey. Honestly, I never believed that honey can make any significant difference, but it really turned out like a real miracle cure for me.

Today I took out for a play my trusty red trench, which because of it's bright, monochromatic appearance always feels like it should be worn with some sort of print. No exception this time, I wanted to wear those pants all winter and even made a couple of attempts to shoot a post wearing them, but every time either it was too cold or either we couldn't find a decent location, finally we have a match!

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Apr 21, 2014

Office Space

I've been thinking for a while to redecorate or rearrange my office space. To be honest, when we moved to our current place we had a defined area for the "office" or  study, you name it, but as the time pass we kind of started to dislike this space. The thing is, this office space is far from the natural light and doesn't have this right atmosphere of studying or creating, I'm sure you know what I mean, guys.
That's why we took a fancy to my dressing table which is located by a large window and just perfect for office purposes. So, since I don't keep my makeup on the table but rather in drawers, I couldn't find any good reason why I shouldn't "sacrifice" this space.
Therefore I wanted to share some inspiration pictures to make the redecoration official and make things moving. I want to make the space very clean and neat because when I have too much stuff around me it feels like this mess affects my mood and distracts me. Also, I would like to add a few feminine elements to the decor but still keep it official and not too girly, after all I have to share it with Alex.
What decor element do speak to you when it comes to your office space? I'm curious, are you the "more is more" type, filling your table with every thing cool or "Scandinavian clean space" type? 
P.S Is it just me, or does it look like a trend using Mac monitors?

Apr 16, 2014

Summer Pastels

We shot this post during a "Summer Attack" here in Toronto which lasted only a couple of days, but that was enough to put me in a real summer mode. And I mean by that, wearing bright colors and sunglasses (I missed wearing those so much), riding a bike, taking a very long walks and having picnics in the parks. 

Although I didn't get the chance to tick off all the items from my "checklist", but at least I managed to squeeze in a bright outfit. I literally gathered all the bright items from my wardrobe including baby blue and blush pink and even sequins combined with leopard print didn't embarrassed me at all. 
I'm curious, do you, guys, have your "must do"s for upcoming warm season you have been waiting to fulfill after this long and cold winter? 

Apr 14, 2014


I'm sitting by the open window as I'm writing this post, breathing fresh air with amazing smell of rain and can't be happier - finally, the spring is here. 
We didn't want to miss those amazing 21 degrees on Sunday, which by the way was the highest we experienced here in Toronto, and went for a random stroll just enjoying the city and each other's company. I haven't appreciated days like this before, when I used to live in Israel, but now after very long and exceptionally cold Canadian winter +15 it's all I need to be the happiest girl in the world. I even enjoyed the metro ride, who's smell reminded me of Paris (only without the smell of urine), we finally got to feed the squirrels, who were very territorial I must admit, and came back home with a memory card full of squirrel's pictures. But before we headed back home, we grabbed a launch at a little Korean restaurant and afterwards indulged ourselves with a delirious crape at very little and charming cafe, were the staff talked with a cute French ascent making me, once again, feel as if I was in Paris!



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