Apr 16, 2014

Summer Pastels

We shot this post during a "Summer Attack" here in Toronto which lasted only a couple of days, but that was enough to put me in a real summer mode. And I mean by that, wearing bright colors and sunglasses (I missed wearing those so much), riding a bike, taking a very long walks and having picnics in the parks. 

Although I didn't get the chance to tick off all the items from my "checklist", but at least I managed to squeeze in a bright outfit. I literally gathered all the bright items from my wardrobe including baby blue and blush pink and even sequins combined with leopard print didn't embarrassed me at all. 
I'm curious, do you, guys, have your "must do"s for upcoming warm season you have been waiting to fulfill after this long and cold winter? 

Blogger Tricks

Apr 14, 2014


I'm sitting by the open window as I'm writing this post, breathing fresh air with amazing smell of rain and can't be happier - finally, the spring is here. 
We didn't want to miss those amazing 21 degrees on Sunday, which by the way was the highest we experienced here in Toronto, and went for a random stroll just enjoying the city and each other's company. I haven't appreciated days like this before, when I used to live in Israel, but now after very long and exceptionally cold Canadian winter +15 it's all I need to be the happiest girl in the world. I even enjoyed the metro ride, who's smell reminded me of Paris (only without the smell of urine), we finally got to feed the squirrels, who were very territorial I must admit, and came back home with a memory card full of squirrel's pictures. But before we headed back home, we grabbed a launch at a little Korean restaurant and afterwards indulged ourselves with a delirious crape at very little and charming cafe, were the staff talked with a cute French ascent making me, once again, feel as if I was in Paris!


Apr 11, 2014

Yellow Bus

As you guys know I love blogging very much, sometimes when I look back on respectful quantity of posts I wrote I wonder what kept me writing: what kept me writing when my hands were full of submissions and homework, what kept me writing when instead of going to sleep I worked into the night or woke up very early in the morning just for a new post be finished by morning or to catch a soft morning light for the shooting, what kept me writing when I had nothing to say or my inspiration tank was completely empty and I was scratching the bottom?! And of course the answer to all these is my love for blogging, creating, sharing and reading your thoughts. I think you are the main reason why I'm still here, why I'm still spending my weekends preparing new material and content for this blog, still creating and looking for the next exciting posts. So thank you dear friends from the bottom of my heart for being here and reading.
I highly appreciate your opinion and truly want you to enjoy your stay on OceanWind blog. That's why for quite some time I felt like just sharing my outfits is not enough, it feels like it doesn't define my current state of mind and my interests. So for quite a long time I have been thinking to add new categories to Ocean Wind where I could express my current passions and obsessions. Cooking is one of them and of course photography and decor and all the things pretty. I don't want to make any commitments that are so easy to violate but be prepared for some unusual and untypical content here soon! 

As for my outfit, since the weather is much more pleasant lately, we explored the neighborhood and tried to shoot this time in different location. My look was for sure influenced by the location itself and I think this is the first time I'm showing this school inspired jacket here on the blog (or even the very first time wearing it, although I own it for a year now).  To be honest, I always wondered how does it feel to go to school by these yellow buses, it felt so distant once and so weird now standing near them! 

Apr 9, 2014

Holiday Look

When we shot this post I had holidays in my mind, which are just around the corner. That's why I wanted to show you my version of  festive outfit which is fun and perfect for a family dinner. I love wearing bright colors on holidays because it always looks fresh and feels special, this time I put on one of my favorite, pastel blouses combined with glittery skirt. Also it's a great idea to add a pop of color making the whole look more interesting: to show you that I practice what I preach, I wore this fun and comfy anchor printed cardigan which makes the whole look laid back and keeps me harm!


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